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a group of plastic cups sitting on top of a machine
a group of plastic cups sitting on top of a machine

First of all

Sourcing Biosamples Made Easy

Vector BioSource simplifies the process of sourcing, preserving, and indexing biosamples by leveraging cutting-edge technology and logistics. Our platform provides on-demand access to billions of biosamples, making it easier for researchers to find the right specimens for their needs. Whether you're developing new drugs, conducting clinical trials, or performing biomarker studies, Vector BioSource has the biosamples you need to accelerate your research.

biosample collection
biosample collection

Not to mention

Our Biosample Collection

Vector BioSource has built an unparalleled collection of and access to biosamples from around the world, including tissues, biofluids, and living cells. Our technology and logistics expertise allow us to rapidly source, preserve, and index these samples for researchers, testing labs, and equipment manufacturers. Browse our collection today to find the samples you need for your next project.

customized collection
customized collection

And let's not forget

Custom Sample Acquisition

If you can't find the biosamples you need in our collection, don't worry - we can help. Vector BioSource offers custom sample acquisition services to help you get the samples you need for your project. Our team of experts will work with you to identify the perfect samples and source them from our vast network of partners around the world. Contact us today to get started.

About Vector BioSource

Vector Bio is a Leading Provider of Biosamples and Bulk Bio Materials for All Stages of Life Science Research. Our Mission is to Connect Researchers, Testing Laboratories, and Equipment Manufacturers with the Biosamples and Bulk Products They Need to Advance Healthcare and Research. We are Dedicated to Using Technology and Logistics to Make Biosample Sourcing, Preservation, and Indexing More Efficient and Accurate.

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